Bathroom Drain Clog

Have you noticed when you brush your teeth at night that the sink takes a little longer to drain? That could be the first sign that your bathroom drain may require a plumbing repair. The next question to ask yourself is, have you noticed any other drains in the house being sluggish? If not the clog or blockage is probably within your bathroom sink’s drink line.

Let’s assume, for the moment, that the drainage problem is isolated to the bathroom drain line. There are some basic methods of unclogging that drain that you can try at home first. The most tried-and-true solution is plunging. This is the first step you should try whether it’s a bathroom sink or toilet clog.

Before plunging you want to run some hot water and check the strainer, if there is one. Clean out any debris or hair that was collected. If the water is still draining slowly then try plunging. You will want to prepare the area around the sink before using a plunger. Water could potentially spray all over the place so you will want to be prepared with towels or rags.

Depending on the size of your sink you will either want to use a flanged plunger or a regular plunger. The goal of using the plunger is to either get the clog to push through or to get the clog to come back up into the sink.


  • If the clog is bad enough that there is standing water in the sink, be sure to empty most of that out. For the plunger to work the best you’ll want to leave about 2 inches in the sink, which is just enough to cover the plunger.
  • Sinks come with an overflow opening so be sure to stuff a wet rag into the opening so water doesn’t shoot out while you’re using the plunger.
  • It is extremely important that the plunger creates a tight seal around the whole of the drain. It is important to move the plunger in an up-and-down motion. You should feel water moving as you use the plunger. This method may take several minutes of plunging to push the clog through or bring it back up.
    If while using the plunger the water suddenly drains you have successfully pushed the clog into the stack or check the plunger for the clog as it may have pulled it back up into the sink. Either way you have successfully unclogged your bathroom drain.
  • However, if after several attempts you are unable to push the clog through the next step is to dismantle the trap. If this is not your area of expertise you may want to have your bathroom drain plumbing repair completed by an expert like Gogo Rooter Plumbing.

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