Bathroom Sinks

Keeping up with the Bathroom Sinks in your San Jose Home

Your San Jose home could be the most prized possession you have, of course with your family coming in first place, right? Everything should be functioning as it should. Your home lights turn on, your shower valve water pressure is working perfectly, but what if your bathroom sink is causing you trouble? Let’s talk about it.

You come home from work one night. After a long day, you want to get ready for bed and right when you use your bathroom sink you notice A) you aren’t getting sufficient water like you did a couple of days ago B) the water is coming out a yellow, brown and reddish color C) your sink is taking some time to drain the water, or D) you notice the bathroom sink drain pipe is leaking.

So What is Causing These Issues?

My Bathroom Sink Water Pressure is Low

Let’s start with low water pressure. You might notice that the water pressure is fine around your San Jose home, but your bathroom sink just isn’t providing much water. The most common issue could be due to the small filter faucet being clogged. The small filter can become clogged with buildups, such as hard water and sand. There are a couple of DIYs that can guide you on how to properly clean up your faucet.

Why is the Bathroom Sink Water an Icky Yellow Color?

Maybe your water pressure is fine, but instead, you notice your bathroom sink water is coming out a yellow, brown and reddish color. That sounds gross! Well, the yellow water color is actually caused by a high concentration of manganese and iron as well as rust from too old pipes in your plumbing system. And, although, the color can be unpleasant, it is actually not a health hazard. But please don’t go drinking an entire glass of the bathroom sink water either. Instead, call Gogo Rooter Plumbing to take a look.

The Bathroom Sink is Taking an Eternity to Drain the Water

So this is actually a very common issue as well. After having the bathroom sink water run for a couple of seconds, you’ll notice that the water is taking its precious time to drain. The common cause can actually be due to hair and soap scum that has built up over time.

Help! My Bathroom Sink is Leaking and Has Made a Mess!

So your faucet could be working perfectly, but your drain pipe is leaking and getting everything inside your bathroom cabinet wet. This can be such an irritating problem. Not only do you have to clean up everything, but now you need to get the issue fixed. So, what happened? Besides the issue being annoying, it is actually quite common. The leak can happen when the bathroom sink nut becomes loose.

What Should I Do?

This is where we come into play. Gogo Rooter Plumbing is an excellent choice for bathroom sink repair in San Jose and the greater surrounding area. We are a group of professionally trained and experienced plumbers who are completely dedicated to providing only the highest quality customer service possible, as well as the promise of a job well done. We offer free estimates to eliminate any guesswork and charge by the job instead of the hour to further ensure that our customers are well aware of every detail necessary for a more trustworthy and solid experience. We’ll work on your bathroom sink repair in an affordable and timely manner so that you don’t have to suffer through further damages caused by any plumbing that may be in need of immediate repair, and are available at your service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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