Leak Detection/Location

Have you noticed a high water bill in your San Jose home or business and think you may need someone to do a leak location?

Some of the signs that you may need a leak location done are:

  • Higher than average water bill
  • Constant “hissing” sound or it may sound like someone is always running water
  • Wet spots in your walls, ceiling or floor
  • A section of your floor that seems unusually warm (common in hot water slab leaks)

If you have noticed any of the tell tail signs of a hidden water leak, you need an expert to find it, right away.  If you do not attend to it quickly, not only are you wasting a bunch of water, but you risk the leak causing potentially serious damage to your home!

A Gogo Rooter Plumber can not only find your leak for you, but he can fix it as well.  In fact, we are usually happy to credit some, or all of the diagnostic work towards the cost of the repairs, if you have us do both!  That is just one of the few ways that Gogo Rooter goes the extra mile to save you time and money.

If you would like to learn more about leak location, check out our Electronic Leak Detection article.

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