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Anti Scald Tub Shower Faucet Installation

Anti Scald Tub Shower Faucet Installation San Jose

Anti-scald faucets and valves are designed to protect you and other family members from injuries due to a sudden increase in bath water temperature. Learn about the 4 benefits you’ll receive by having these fixtures installed in your San Jose home.

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Backflow Preventer

Backflow Preventers

CALL US NOW Backflow preventers are devices used to prevent the reverse flow of water in potable water systems.  They are used in both residential

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Bathroom Drain Clog

Bathroom Drain Clog

CALL US NOW Have you noticed when you brush your teeth at night that the sink takes a little longer to drain? That could be

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Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Sinks

CALL US NOW Keeping up with the Bathroom Sinks in your San Jose Home Your San Jose home could be the most prized possession you

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