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Rooter service is a term used by many plumbers, and non-plumbers alike, to describe the process of clearing blockages from backed up drain lines.

Although it is often used to describe all kinds of drain cleaning, it was actually originally used to describe the process of clearing root blockages from a sewer line. In this article, we will be talking about rooter service in the traditional sense of the term. 

If you would like information about other forms of drain cleaning, please check out our “Drain Cleaning” article.

What is a Rooter Service?

Rooter services, also known as plumbing or drain cleaning services, provides maintenance and repairs for home or business drainage systems. 

Typical services offered by rooter services include:

– Drain cleaning – Using specialized augers, high-pressure water jets, or snaking tools to remove blockages, clear grease, soap buildup, or other obstructions from sinks, tubs, showers, and main sewer lines. This helps restore proper drainage.

– Drain repair – Fixing damaged or broken pipes, clearing clogs that could not be removed through drain cleaning. May involve replacing sections of pipe.

– Sewer line inspections – Using cameras to inspect the interior condition of underground sewer lines and identify any issues like cracks, leaks, blockages, root intrusion. 

– Hydrojetting – Using highly pressurized water to scour and clean metal or PVC piping and clear stubborn drain clogs. 

– Trenchless sewer line repair – Repairing or replacing sewer pipes without needing to dig trenches. Techniques like pipe relining are used.

– Septic services – Pumping, repairing and maintaining residential septic tanks and fields

– Plumbing repairs – Fixing or installing new pipes, toilets, faucets, water heaters and other fixtures.

Overall, a rooter service handles any issues related to drains, sewer lines, septic systems, and broader plumbing repair needs. 

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Are Root Blockages Common and how to repair them?

In the San Jose area, the most common cause of sewer line blockages is root intrusion. Many homeowners ask how this could be possible, considering the fact that sewer lines are usually made out of cast iron, or clay pipe. The fact is that these pipes, that are usually 4’ – 10’ sections of pipe, fitted together, have to connect to each other somehow. It is usually at these connection points where roots find their way into the sewer line.

Believe it or not, a single root needs only a very small hole (no bigger than the head of a needle) to get into a drain line. Once it gets in, it finds nutrient-rich water, and starts to grow. Once that happens, a future blockage is all but inevitable. As the root grows, it creates an even bigger hole for other roots to get in, sometimes even destroying the pipe in the process.

If you find it difficult to believe that a tree root can destroy a sewer pipe, take a look at a sidewalk that has been broken up by roots. Once a root decides it wants to be somewhere, very little can stop it.

How do your plumbing services fix blocked sewer lines?

If you are in a situation where you suspect root intrusion in your sewer line, you usually have a few options. Rooter services are usually the first step, because it allows you to, hopefully, get your plumbing system back on line. From there, you have more options, such as a sewer video inspection, repair, replacement, etc.

While getting a rooter service will usually get you back in service, it is important to know that it is not a “fix”. While doing a proper job can last you for a little while, cutting away the roots inside the pipe does nothing to keep future roots out of your sewer line. Not only that, but the process of cutting away the roots actually makes them grow back faster and stronger. It’s like pruning a bush.

Really, the only way to actually “fix” a root problem is by finding the area of pipe that has been compromised, and fix that section of pipe. Whether or not you are looking for a full repair, a sewer video inspection is always recommended. It is always better to know the condition of your pipe than to guess and be faced with a potential disaster later down the road.

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FAQs regarding unblocking sewer line in San Jose, California

Our licensed plumbers can provide a variety of services for blocked drains including high-pressure water jetting, mechanical augering, and camera inspections to locate the blockage.

You can consider our Rooter care plumbing Service if you have recurring drain clogs, gurgling noises from drains, bad odors in air, or slow-flowing water when using fixtures.

Our drain cleaning company in San Jose uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques performed by highly trained technicians to thoroughly clean your drains and keep them flowing freely.

Rooter services use specialized augers, snakes, hydro jetting, and camera inspection to clear blockages, clean pipes, and remove root infestations or obstructions deep in drainage systems. This helps restore proper flow and function.

A professional plumbing rooter service will have the latest tools and techniques to remove root blockages and obstructions with minimal risk to your plumbing. They inspect pipes afterwards and advise if repairs are needed.

Regular drain cleaning maintenance, avoiding pouring fats/grease down drains, installing mesh root guards, and replacing older pipes with root intrusion issues can help prevent future root-related clogs.

Costs vary depending on the time, materials and number of drains/pipes needing service. You can exact quotes from us by contacting us. Advanced issues could cost more.

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