Bathroom Remodel: Consider Current Plumbing

Planning for a Lovely Lavatory?

Spring will be approaching, and with it come many home improvement ideas. One project that adds to the comfort and beauty of your South Bay Area home is to remodel your bathroom. As you prepare for the remodel, your focus is likely on the type of tub you will install, your new cabinetry or the technological upgrades you will include. It is easy to get carried away with these fun and obviously interesting and innovative changes. However, you need to stay grounded and focus on the critical basics as well. Depending on the specifics of your remodel, changes to your plumbing may also be necessary.

Some of the plumbing issues you may face include:

Replacement of drains. Major restructuring of bathtubs and showers may require new drains. You should also ask your plumber to add a new drain if your current ones are old or worn, or if you find yourself needing a rooter on a regular basis.

Rerouting of pipes. If you are planning to move any major fixtures, your plumber obviously must shift your plumbing to accommodate them.

Replacement of pipes. Bathroom remodels are the perfect opportunity to perform leak detection, evaluate the integrity of your existing pipes and make replacements and repairs as needed.

To simplify your bathroom remodel and ensure its success, deal with these issues before you get too far along with your planning or invest in new fixtures. Otherwise, you may find yourself tearing out the walls you just painted to fix an unanticipated plumbing problem.

Prevention Through Plumbing Repair – We’re Here For You!

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