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Don’t Let a Leaking Shower Valve Ruin your San Jose Home

Aside from a leaking shower valve being irritating to you and your family, there could be major consequences when you don’t get your shower valve repaired on time. Your home can waste tons of gallons of water in a year, your electric bill could double, and even worse, your shower valve could be leaking inside the wall, ruining your San Jose home.

Let’s talk about wasting water due to the shower valve leak. Imagine this, if your shower faucet drops 10 small drops per minute, you might not think much of it right? Well, with those 10 measly drops, your San Jose home would have wasted 14,400 drops or about 3 liters in one day. If you keep that going for one year, your home would have wasted about 347 gallons in that year. Scary right?

Now that you have that in mind, imagine if the leak happens on the hot water side. If your home is equipped with an electric water heater, your home could have wasted energy in vain.The disappointment comes when your electric heater is using unnecessary energy to heat up water that you are not even using. Hot water leaks can be costing you extra money that you might not even have.

Can a shower valve leak really ruin my home?

If a shower leak happens behind the wall, don’t be surprised if it does. If your shower valve is leaking from inside the wall, over time, it can cause dry rot, mold and even structural problems, making this an even more expensive repair then what it should have been. Which is why we suggest you get your shower valve repair done now then later.

Why is my shower valve dripping water in the first place?

If the shower head drizzles or drips water, there is a problem with your shower valve. It could be that the inner seals have worn out or there are parts that could have become clogged due to hard water deposits. A couple of other reasons could be that the o-rings and gaskets wear down with time, resulting in the unnecessary water squirts and drips.

My shower valve is leaking, what should I do?

This is where Gogo Rooter Plumbing comes in. Our team is available to help with your shower valve repairs. We’re a fully licensed and insured top-quality company who deeply believes in the importance of professionalism, skilled workmanship, and family businesses. We don’t just limit ourselves to shower valve repairs, so be sure to take a look at our other services we offer.

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