Sprinkler Repair

Do You Need a Sprinkler Repair in your San Jose Home?

The point of having a sprinkler system in the first place is to evenly distribute water to your lawn on a scheduled basis. We understand that you want to be in control of how much water you are using and the amount of time you want your sprinklers to be on. That’s why you installed the sprinkler system in the first place. But sometimes your sprinkler systems might not be working the way it should. Keeping up with a regularly scheduled maintenance can help prevent a small problem from becoming big.

What to Look for to Determine a Possible Sprinkler Repair

Dying Lawn

If your lawn is beginning to dry out, you will need to check to see if your sprinkler system is giving enough water to your lawn. Even though the sprinkler head rises like normal, sometimes the sprinkler head can become clogged with dirt, preventing the sprinkler from spraying water in your lawn. Our team at Gogo Rooter Plumbing can help you with this issue.

Wet Spots

Wet spots can occur by one of two things. Either a low head drainage or a leaking valve. A low head drainage happens when water flows on to the sidewalk or a curb even after your system is turned off and usually occur when the sprinkler head is installed on a slope area. The extra water within the system will then spit out the water to the lowest sprinkler head, making the drained water a waste. This could cost you extra money. Do not despair, we have solutions!

Another issue might be a leaking sprinkler valve. When your sprinkler is not on a slope but is still seeping water, even after shutting down your system, the leak can continue throughout the day and waste a lot of water. Moss, as well as algae, can begin to grow because of the constant water flow due to the leaking sprinkler valve.

Sprinkler Valve Won’t Open

Maybe your sprinkler valve isn’t opening up at all. There are various reasons as to why the sprinkler valve might not open. The sprinkler valve might not be getting power from the controller, the flow control might not be completely open or the sprinkler valve might not have water flowing through. Our team can help you diagnose the issue.

Getting the Help you Need

You might be experiencing different issues than the ones mentioned above, don’t worry! The team at Gogo Rooter Plumbing are available to help you. There are a few different reasons why you may be seeking out sprinkler repair services, we know that. No matter what type of sprinkler repair needs you may have, Gogo Rooter Plumbing is ready to handle the problem in a professional and high-quality manner. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about your sprinkler current situation, as well as any and all possible options for going forward to address the present issues.

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