Water Heater Thermal Expansion Tank

Water heater thermal expansion tank. What is it?

Although it sounds complicated, don’t feel intimidated by this plumbing term. We are here to help you better understand your plumbing systems. Have you ever noticed that small metal tank right above or beside your water heater? Well, that’s it. That’s the water heater thermal expansion tank. It has a very specific purpose— it’s purpose is to allow pressure relief for your water heater. It ensures a constant pressure so the water heater pipes don’t get damaged due to an extreme amount of pressure.

The Water Heater Thermal Expansion Tank Design

The water heater thermal expansion tank is designed a specific way. The tank is separated by a rubber diaphragm into two sections. The upper section and the bottom section. The upper section is filled with water and is connected to the cold water system. The bottom section is filled with air. When the hot water expands, excess pressure builds up, the hot water in the tank will seep down into the air section of the tank, which then reliefs air onto the piping system. The water heater thermal expansion tank helps maintain a constant pressure so the pipes don’t become damaged.

Repair, Maintenance or Installation – Get a Plumber!

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