Whole House Drain Cleaning

What is a whole house drain cleaning “package”, and how does it benefit you?  If you own a home, and that home has plumbing drains (as all homes do), this is just the article for you!  In this article we are going explore the two questions above, and hopefully get them answered for you.

What is a House Package?

A house package is a term we at Gogo Rooter use to describe cleaning several drains at once (or even all of them).  Let’s say, for instance, that you have a kitchen sink line that is clogged.  We come out, and unclog the line and get your sink draining properly again.  If your home is one where the laundry line ties into the kitchen sink line, it makes good sense to do a maintenance cleaning of that line as well. That is the most basic form of bundling services together.  A house package can be as simple as doing two lines, or as complex as doing all of the secondary lines in your home as well as running your mainline.

Why a House Package?

There are really a few really good reasons to consider having service done on more than just the single line that is causing you problems.  First of all, using the kitchen sink example, when a line clogs, it often causes other adjoining lines to clog soon after.  It is, unfortunately, fairly common to run into a situation where one drain is backed up, it is cleared, and another one backs up only a couple of days later. By bundling drain cleaning into a package, you wind up saving quite a bit of money.  One reason is because every time you call a plumber out to clear your drain, there is a service charge associated with the visit.  Once that service charge is accounted for, everything else that is done in your home is much less expensive. Not only is the service charge already accounted for, but doing a maintenance service on a drain line is easier than unclogging one.  There is no backed up water to deal with, and the process is overall a much easier and faster one.  That is always a factor in house package pricing. Another benefit is that house packages usually come with degreaser application, which does a better job of cleaning lines where grease is a problem.  This means it will be even longer before those drains back up, so we give longer warranties on those drains.  In fact, with regularly scheduled maintenance, you can wind up with a house full of drain lines that are always under warranty! If you have drain problems and are thinking a whole house drain cleaning package might be for you, give Gogo Rooter a call.  We will come over, take a look at your situation and discuss the options with you to get the perfect solution for your needs!

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