Plumbing Pipes

When walking into a hardware store to purchase plumbing pipes for project at home it might be a bit overwhelming. It used to be a more simple choice because there was only one kind of pipe, galvanized. Now there are many different kinds of plumbing pipes to choose from. Having many choices may make your decision more difficult if you are unsure which type of plumbing pipe to buy.

Below is a list of several different plumbing pipes and what they can be used for:

Rigid Copper

Rigid copper is used for water supply lines. Because it requires a practiced, steady hand to solder the copper together this type of plumbing pipe is designed for professional plumbers or an experienced DIYer. This type of pipe is a great choice for a water supply line as it does not have the same type of health risks that a PVC pipe has.


This type of plumbing pipe is for a water supply line only. PEX is designed for the person doing it themselves because it’s easy to connect and cut. It is flexible, plastic piping and is easy to work with to create 90° angles with and it is what most homeowners will use.

Copper Tubing, Flexible

Flexible copper is mostly used for final runs to refrigerators, water heaters, etc. as it is easy to cut with a hacksaw and can be bent to go around corners it is a popular type of plumbing pipe. However, be aware that it is not recommended for exterior use because it cannot hold up well to extreme temperatures.

Polyvinylchloride – PVC

Traditional piping was always made with galvanized steel, it is heavy and not terribly easy to work with. PVC pipe is used in the plumbing industry, for outdoor plumbing, because it is both easier to work with and is much lighter. This type of plumbing pipe is used for both outdoor water pipes and drain lines in some areas. It is fairly easy to install and only requires a miter box, hacksaw and the necessary solvents to glue the pipe together.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene – ABS

ABS pipes are used because they are resistant to abrasion and are non-toxic. It is preferred over PVC pipes by most contractors. ABS pipes are easier to install versus PVC. These types of plumbing pipes are used for sewer systems and drain pipe systems. ABS plumbing pipes are also cheaper to purchase.

Going shopping for plumbing pipes can be a bit overwhelming due to the number of choices available. When walking into a hardware store be sure you know what type of plumbing pipes can be used for your plumbing project. If you are still uncertain be sure to ask one of the experts in the store.

The other option is to hire a plumbing professional like Gogo Rooter Plumbing. They are certified and professional experts in the world of plumbing and know which types of plumbing pipes can and should be used for various projects. They would be more than happy to come in and help you with your home improvement project and/or repair.

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