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Laundry Stoppage Service for Your Home or Business!

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Professional Laundry Stoppage Service for Your Home or Business!

60 Minute Response Service

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Money Saving Tips

In the interest of saving time, inconvenience and money, here are some thing you can do keep your laundry drain from acting up.

1. Use a lint screen

The number 1 cause of laundry backups is lint. Not all the lint makes it to the dryer! Using a lint screen can be a very inexpensive way to keep the lint out of your pipes, keeping it from causing a troublesome clog.

2. Vinegar

Pouring a mixture of hot water and vinegar down your laundry drain can really help clear out the grease and soap scum buildup, and help keep your line running clear. Do this every once in a while about an hour before doing a hot water load. The hot water will also help to de-solidify any grease or soap scum.

3. Keep your laundry basin clean

Even if your washing machine does not empty into your laundry basin, if you have one, they tie into the same drain line. Avoid using the basin to clean greasy items, or other things that might clog up the drain line.

4. Take care of your kitchen sink line

Believe it or not, on many houses, the kitchen sink and laundry lines tie together before going into the main sewer line. Follow the tips on our Kitchen Sink Stoppages page to make sure you are keeping that line flowing nice and clear.

5. Upgrade your standpipe

Now this is an advanced technique, and requires a qualified plumber to do, but it is worth mentioning. Many older homes have 1 1/2 inch standpipes and p-traps for their laundry. This is just too small for many modern washing machines that empty the water much faster than their predecessors. Just the smallest “hiccup” can leave the floor flooded. Upgrading to a 2” standpipe and p-trap can save you loads of future problems.

Either way, whether you have a slow laundry drain, one that is completely clogged, or are thinking about upgrading the stand pipe, you want it to be done by a true professional.  You want it done by Gogo Rooter.  Trust no one else!

Professional Laundry Drain Back Up Cleaning

Whether your washer drains into a laundry sink or down a standpipe, if it starts running slow, you need it fixed fast!  Laundry washing machines put out a TON of water when they drain.  If your drain is not flowing smoothly, all that water can wind up all over your laundry room or garage floor.  You need an expert!

At Gogo Rooter, we excel at solving your drain problems fast.  When you call us for your laundry stoppage, we will arrive on time to take a look at your problem, and give you a free estimate, on the spot.  If you approve the estimate, your plumber will get started right away, and get your drain unclogged fast.

When we are done, we will even give you a free plumbing inspection (if you would like), and we also back all of our work with our 4 Point Guarantee.  When you call Gogo Rooter, you know the job will be done right!

Laundry Drain Clogs Can Be a Homeowner’s Worst Nightmare!

You dropped your laundry in the machine half an hour ago and you returned to your laundry room to prepare another load and there is water everywhere. This is normally caused by the Laundry drain backing up.

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Gogo Rooter is licensed, bonded, insured and members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. When you call Gogo Rooter, you can be confident that you are calling the best!

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