Toilet Replacement: 4 Reasons To Upgrade

More often than not, we tend to overlook our preventive maintenance tasks around the house until there is an actual problem to fix. When it reaches this point, it no longer counts as preventive but is now corrective – not to say more expensive and time-consuming. While it’s true that some issues might not be all that critical, that is certainly not the case when it comes to the toilet. Allow us to explain.

San Jose Plumber’s Top Reasons

If you’re experiencing any of these four early signs, then you should seriously consider getting a new throne:

1. It has been sitting there since the early 90’s.
Most homeowners trust the modern expression,”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” There are, however, exceptions to this saying. If you installed your toilet prior 1994, chances are it’s using way too much water per flush, thereby significantly increasing your water bill. Some new toilets even have a dual-flush feature, allowing you to choose a partial or full flush accordingly – not to mention that most new designs are more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

2. It’s no longer steady
Leave the wobbling movements to rocking patio chairs and hammocks, because your toilet needs to be anchored. Most of the time, the fix is a matter of refastening some bolts. However, in some cases, it’s going to be an early detection sign of a damaged or partially rotten bathroom floor. If left unattended, this can cause some serious damage to both your structure and your budget.

3. It leaks
Sometimes, your toilet is going to be working just fine, yet you can’t seem to stop the small leaks around its base. There are many reasons, from the simple, and easy-to-fix bad seals and broken flanges to the more subtle – yet just as dangerous – hairline fractures. Even the tiniest running leaks will soften your bathroom floor, if ever so slightly. Just like a rocking toilet, this issue should be solved immediately before it leads to significant structural damage.

4. It clogs or overflows regularly
Arguably, this is the most frequent warning sign you need a new toilet, ASAP. As a result of flushing unsuitable objects down the drain, both clogging and overflowing are, without a doubt, the most irritating, annoying, and downright embarrassing issues you could have. If it happens much more frequently than you would care to resolve, then it’s most definitely time to drop the plunger, retreat your toilet to retirement, and get a replacement.

San Jose Plumbing Repair & Installation

If you see any of these four indicators or have already decided to get a new commode, make sure to call your most reliable San Jose plumber for toilet installation. We make sure your bathroom is up and running in no time. Call today at (408)282-7026 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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