Water Softener Installation

Water that is pure is called distilled water, and it only serves for a handful of very specific purposes – like sealing off lead-acid car batteries, protecting automotive cooling systems, and filling typical household aquariums. In reality, running water from your plumbing system contains traces of many different ionic minerals. When combined with the water’s pH and temperature, its hardness measurement is determined. This is typically labeled as either soft water or hard water.

Two Major Reasons To Consider Water Softening Installation

What exactly counts as hard water? When water runs and filters through vast deposits of limestone or chalk, it picks up a significant amount of ionic minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonates. While it’s a fact that these ions are essential players for the healthy metabolism of all carbon-based organisms, which includes us as mammals, they can do substantial damage over time to both industrial and residential plumbing systems. Left untreated, hard running water can cause damage to your pipes.

First of all, hard water does not mix well with soap solutions. Instead of interacting with the soap’s fatty acids to produce foam, as it would with soft water, it creates solid layers of scum, which are highly inefficient for washing dishes, clothes, hair, and skin. Hard water requires larger amounts of cleaning products per application and reduces the lifespan of home appliances and showerheads.

Secondly, hard water can create fouling deposits known as scales, mainly composed of calcium and magnesium derivatives. These deposits tend to restrict the regular water stream within the pipes, and they also inhibit the heat flow in boilers and other pressurized systems. An inadequate water flow can quickly deteriorate the plumbing system as a whole which could turn into very expensive and bothersome plumbing repairs if left unattended.

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Fortunately, no problem comes without a solution, and hard running water is no exception. You can extend the lifespan of your entire plumbing system, enhance the performance of your cleaning appliances, and prevent what could potentially be a late night disaster by installing a water softening system or repairing your current one. Remember, this is a delicate and tricky setup, so make sure to call your most reliable San Jose plumber, Gogo Rooter at (408) 282-7026. Additionally, we cover the San Jose and surrounding cities, even during those extreme plumbing emergencies with our 24/7 plumbing services.

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