Toilet Tank Repair

Does Your San Jose Home Need a Toilet Tank Repair?

A toilet tank repair might sound like less trouble than a clogged toilet, sprinkler system repair or even a water heater thermal tank repair, but even the simplest of issues could be costing you extra money from your bank, flushing money right down the toilet. So, how do you know you need a toilet tank repair? Well, you might be experiencing a couple of issues in your bathroom.

Phantom Flush

The phantom flush may sound scary, and it is! Not only are you being haunted by your toilet, but your water bill could be going up. Ok, so you might not actually be haunted. Jokes aside. A phantom flush happens when water escapes from the toilet tank into the toilet bowl. When the enough water leaves the toilet tank, it activates the fill valve and makes the toilet flush by itself. This can happen randomly and it could be costing you more than you think.

Slow Filling Toilet Tank

This usually happens when there is a clog in the fill valve, the supply lines, the emergency shut off valve or the piping that leads to the shut off valve.

Gogo Rooter is Here to Help!

Whether it’s a phantom flush or if your toilet tank isn’t filling up quickly, the team at Gogo Rooter can help you. We are not just limited to toilet tank repair, Gogo Rooter also offers a wide range of other services, each of them delivered with only the best customer service possible, including (but not limited to) water heater repair, pipe leaks, gas line repair, stoppage repair for sinks, toilets, and tubs, as well as laundry room plumbing. Let us show you why we have been given an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee—give us a call today!

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